Spotlight | What had auto and luxury brands been doing recently in the metaverse?

Welcome to MADJOR Spotlight, where we bring you the latest practices on Brand Experience in multiple industries,including #FMCG, #Luxury, and #Auto, with a China lens – we particularly look at Chinese brands and global brands with strong appeal to Chinese customers. 

In this issue, we take a look at the strategies and approaches taken by luxury and auto brands to enhance their brand experiences in the metaverse.

*Beyond the auto companies mentioned below, Labbrand Group recently released the Web3/Metaverse Automotive Data Report (Part 1), covering 59 auto brands’ 145 Web3/Metaverse initiatives related to 128 technologies and platforms. Read till the end of our newsletter to access the report.

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No.1 Nissan Revolutionizes Car Shopping: Step into the Metaverse for Virtual Test Drives and Explore Four New Trademarks

Nissan Motor Corporation is bringing innovation to the customer experience by utilizing VR & AR technology. Customers can take virtual test drives of Nissan cars in the metaverse and explore features through a fully immersive experience. Nissan has also filed trademarks for four new names related to their metaverse efforts: Nissan Immerse, Nissan Virtual Drive, Nissan Virtual Garage, and Nissan Virtual Arena. This move reflects Nissan’s commitment to embracing new technologies in the metaverse to enhance its brand experience.

No.2 Fiat Claims World First Metaverse-powered Dealership

Fiat launched its Metaverse Store, which has been developed in collaboration with Touchcast and Microsoft. Customers can virtually configure, drive and then buy their car inside the human-assisted digital experience. Before the end of the first quarter of 2023, customers will be able to explore additional Fiat models in Fiat Metaverse Store, while the digital experience will also be made available to other markets.

No.3 Chinese Automaker Geely to Embed Baidu’s Chatgpt-style Tool in Cars

GEELY announced that it will roll out its new electric vehicle portfolio powered by Baidu, Inc.’s ChatGPT-like chatbot, becoming the latest Chinese automaker to incorporate AI technology into their vehicles with the aim of smooth interaction between car owners and vehicle systems.

No.4 Maison Hennessy Announces the Launch of Web3 Platform H3nsy

Hennessy announces the launch of the Web3 platform called H3nsy. The goal of H3NSY is to serve as a membership platform and hub for creators, cultures, and communities, along with future NFT partnerships and Cafe 11 program announcements, Web3 bottle drops, and other blockchain innovations that the brand is currently investing in. With the launch of H3NSY, the 250-year-old cognac brand is taking its entrance into the blockchain universe one step further, which will benefit in improving customer engagement in Hennessy’s community and the future of its business in the luxury spirits market.

No.5 Valentino Joins the Metaverse Through an Exciting Partnership with UNXD

Valentino announced its partnership with UNXD, the leading luxury Web3 platform. The special collaboration will result in a virtual fashion, physical craftsmanship, and curated community experiences.

No.6 Gucci brings footballer Jack Grealish to Roblox’s Gucci Town

Gucci has tapped an international football star Jack Grealish to appear in its Gucci Town in Roblox, merging the worlds of virtual and physical gaming. Grealish’s avatar welcomes Roblox users into Gucci Town’s central piazza, inviting them to play a football-inspired mini-game modeled off a penalty shootout in the Mini Game Heights section of the experience and coached by Grealish. Gucci’s play to bring a sports star into a virtual gaming environment taps into the massive fanbase from both worlds. 

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