Spotlight | What are the latest marketing campaigns in the fresh food industry?

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Due to increased health awareness, consumers have grown more concerned about nutritional qualities and also the safety of the food they consume. Fresh food, without a doubt, is a nutritional powerhouse in most balanced diets.

Market Data Forecast mentions that the commercial category of global fresh fruits and vegetables is expected to increase at a CACR of 6.05% from 2023 to 2028.

Meanwhile, according to MarketsandMarkets™, the meat industry is also expected to grow with a CAGR of 3.2% till 2025.
In this issue, we take a look at 8 truly out-of-the-box campaigns of the Fresh Food industry including fruit, vegetable, and fresh meat brands.

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No.1 Giving fruits more reasons to be loved – Dole’s “Fruit Love Stories” campaign

Dole Food Company has sparked a celebration of fruit love stories, rolling out a five-month healthy-living initiative intended to celebrate the iconic role that fresh fruit plays on the plate and encourage consumers to add even more to their daily diets. The newest campaign, Fruit Love, is inspired by classic The Walt Disney Company characters and is complemented by 12 new fruit-focused recipes, digital downloads, and social interactions celebrating apples, bananas, strawberries, pineapples, peaches, pears, and other farm-fresh favorites.

No.2 Bananas go beyond breakfast time – It’s Chiquita O’clock

Chiquita has launched a spring-summer campaign called It’s Chiquita O’clock, which celebrates any time being a good time to consume bananas. A limited-edition series of the company’s iconic blue sticker will feature scannable QR codes highlighting different ways the fruit can be consumed at all times of the day. The QR codes will redirect customers to food content on Chiquita’s website, and fans will have a chance to engage in time-of-day themed games and win premium “Chiquitized” prizes.

No.3 Finally, an official day for Sunkist – Sunkist Citrus Day on March 1

To celebrate its 130th anniversary, Sunkist Growers has had Sunkist Citrus Day officially registered in the National Day Calendar for March 1. Using the tagline ‘Celebrate Every Bite’, Sunkist is encouraging consumers to engage with Sunkist Citrus Day in 5 ways, such as sharing your favorite citrus flavors or wellness tips using citrus and giving Sunkist a shout-out on social media using #NationalSunkistCitrusDay.

No.4 Extending the love for cherry from CNY to the Lantern Festival – Chilean cherry glutinous rice balls

#ChileanCherries have teamed up with #WachaiFerry, an American brand of Chinese food dinner kits owned by General Mills, to create a new festival consumption scenario – Chilean Cherries glutinous rice balls. This not only meets the needs of young consumers but also extends the cherry consumption peak season from the #ChineseNewYear to the post-festival period. The interaction between Chilean Cherries and Wanchai Ferry’s official #Weibo accounts helped drive the campaign’s impressions to over 260,000.

No.5 Healthier together this spring – Joyvio blueberry in “Blueglass”

Joyvio Food Co.,Ltd teams up with #Blueglass, a frozen plant-based yogurt brand, to launch a cross-promotion campaign. During the campaign, Blueglass offers membership benefits to all Blueglass members with extra Joyvio blueberry toppings. In addition, Blueglass turns some of the stores in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen into Joyvio blueberry themes, decorated with door stickers, photo frames, prop signs, and joint promotion newspapers for consumers to take photos and share on social media. 

No.6 Making healthy eating easier – Fresh Express’ “Fresh Intentions” challenge

FreshExpress Groceries Delivery, the brand leader in value-added salads, celebrated the new year with its annual Fresh Intentions Challenge, an online and social campaign that provides inspiration, information, and incentives to help consumers make healthier choices and achieve their goals in 2023. Every day during the campaign, Fresh Express would post a new challenge and ask consumers to share a picture of their completed challenge with the hashtag #FreshIntentions on Instagram, Twitter, or via a submission form on the Fresh Express website. Participants would have a chance to win daily or weekly prizes, such as a month’s supply of Fresh Express salad coupons or gift cards. Three grand prize winners would receive a $1,000 gift card, along with Fresh Express branded items.

No.7 Love at the first bite with Joycome Foods

COFCO Corporation Joycome Foods responds to the trend of healthy consumption and renews its brand slogan to “家佳康 一口就爱上 (Love at the first bite with Joycome Foods)”. To strengthen the impression of the new brand slogan, the brand released TVC advertisements and print posters, which were widely displayed in daily media such as community elevators and supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other major cities, and a series of short videos of “烟火情书 (Love In the Meals)” on social media platforms such as Red and TikTok. Consumers actively took photos and shared the TVC advertisements they saw on their way to work on Weibo, and shared their own family stories on social media.

No.8 Spread the good, share the love – Smithfield Foods’ “Good Goes On” campaign

Smithfield Foods has teamed up with country singer Luke Bryan for its Good Goes On campaign. The campaign sets out to help people discover how to best nurture themselves and be inspired to share the goodness with those around them through mealtimes, social gatherings and special occasions and to showcase how Smithfield Foods helps nurture the communities they serve across the nation.

In this edition of the MADJOR Spotlight, we have explored eight exceptional campaigns in the fresh food industry that showcase innovative approaches to brand concept and communication. As consumer awareness regarding nutrition and food safety continues to grow, these campaigns have effectively captured the attention and engagement of their target audience. By leveraging strategic brand communication and engaging experiences, these campaigns have not only increased brand awareness but also contributed to shaping positive perceptions and consumer loyalty.

Being the guiding partner for brand experience and communication, MADJOR remains committed to providing insights and expertise to help businesses thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of brand experience. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content in future editions of the MADJOR Spotlight.

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