Mobile Future of Skoda


Skoda is the leading automobile brand under the Volkswagen group. With thousands of stakeholders spreading over hundreds of locations, it was extremely challenging to educate employees in an agile way and guarantee a consistent experience delivered to its customers. Labbrand Group was commissioned to lead a multi-faceted cultural journey guiding every employee at Skoda to understand the brand and manage the experience delivered to their customers.


A simple brand brochure was not able to keep up with the ever-changing market. Therefore, Labbrand Group worked with Skoda and developed an online cross-function brand education platform, a platform that mapped the brand future in the era of the Internet of Things.



Strategy and Solution


At Labbrand Group, we implement branding methods to help companies achieve enterprise transformations. We create value in operational efficiency through the entire organization across different departments Marketing, Sales, Innovation, HR and R&D and more.


To build a strong digital platform for Skoda, Labbrand Group designed and led a series of workshops that involved participants from multiple departments at Skoda, from marketing, retail, to CRM.


Based on the insights collected from the workshop series, we extracted the initial thoughts to be integrated into Skoda’s brand roadmap for the coming year.


Following the workshop, Labbrand Group kicked off the platform development:


  • The platform serves all employees (especially the marketing team), dealers, and third-party vendors
  • A smart platform design that allows easy navigation, quick digital assets management
  • Tech development
  • Training for all end-users



Transformation: Innovation & Consumer Employee Centric

Skoda successfully embarked on a transformative journey of Innovation and Consumer Employee Centric. Equipped with this new platform, the brand was able to manage its brand assets across different regions and educate its employees, dealers and vendors to deliver a consistent experience to its customers. The newly developed platform was proved to optimize Skoda’s operational efficiency and accelerate its business growth.