LVMH Loro Piana Brand Experience Optimization

Loro Piana Chinese Website


Founded in northern Italy in 1924, Loro Piana produces superlative textiles and luxury goods using the world’s finest, rarest raw materials. The pursuit of excellence has been its mission for six generations. Loro Piana joined the LVMH group at the end of 2013. It reaches customers through a global retail network, on official website and in select specialty stores.

Exposed in China’s competitive digital landscape, Loro Piana realized its current omni-brand ecommerce website in China was underperforming – in terms of both sales conversion rate and experience delivery.


Strategy and Solution

Since 2019, Labbrand Group’s cross functional team has been stepping in to conduct a series of deep-dive audit into their current website experience to identify opportunities for improvement, which also led to an on-going UI/UX design workstream for both Loro Piana China ecommerce website and WeChat mini-program.

Step1: Market Context & Brand Infusion

To help Loro Piana discover the opportunities of standing out in the market, Madjor conducted a series of digital experience review of both key competitors and out-of-category leaders to establish a baseline for user expectations when purchasing via a China website.

  • In/out-of-category best practices
  • Typical conversion journey
  • Content
  • Features/functions
  • Services


Step2: Expert Assessment & Solution Creation

Conducting a good assessment is not just zooming-in on all the details. Madjor’s expert teams looked at the picture holistically with the consideration of the strategic role of each digital channel in the overall user journey and delivered actionable solutions.

  • Thorough “teardown” of mobile/desktop website
  • Analysis of 20+ criteria across 4 dimensions (digital strategy, brand application, experience design, and technical performance) that scale from micro details to macro strategic decisions
  • Identification of key improvements to be made to pages and overall experience
  • Technical audit to understand how the web performs + implications for LoroPianaheadquarters’ technical teams


Step3: Experience Prototyping

The shortlisted recommendations/solutions were then implemented by Madjor.

  • Key user journey mapping
  • User flowoptimization
  • Wireframes&layoutdesign


Step4: UI Design (Optimization) & Delivery

As one of the key steps, Madjor was responsible for the full page UI design and working as a bridge between Loro Piana business/marketing team and technical teams to accelerate the launch of the website/WeChat mini-programs.

  • Visualstyledefinition&Imageryselection
  • FullpageUIdesign&finalization
  • UI/UXdocumentationfortechnicalcommunicationsandfront-enddevelopment
  • Conductingusertestingsessionstoensurethequalitybeforeformallaunch


Transformation: International Localization

Equipped with our recommended solutions and UI/UX implementation, Loro Piana China was able to move forward into UX optimization, website re-design, and WeChat mini-program deployment, delivering a superior experience to the customers.

Adapting the brand experience of Loro Piana to suit an addressable audience that is both younger and more inclined towards making high-ticket purchases via digital channels.