Spotlight | Wellness in Hospitality

When people go on holidays, wellness is without a doubt their priority. With stresses coming from the recent pandemic, and thankfully the growing conversation around physical and mental wellbeing, hospitality brands are urged to embrace wellness on another level and offer guests with exceptional wellness journeys of introspective, immersive, and transformative experiences.

Spotlight | Sustainability in Hospitality Industry

More and more consumers are becoming eco-conscious; and when they travel, they are increasingly demanding sustainable travel, also known as #GreenHolidays. It is no longer an emerging trend for the #hospitality industry to embrace #sustainability, but an imperative one that drives incremental shifts. It is time to uncover some exemplary best practices and delve deep on the actions that brands can undertake.

Spotlight | What are the Latest Campaigns in the Fresh Food Industry?

Due to increased health awareness, consumers have grown more concerned about nutritional qualities and also the safety of the food they consume. Fresh food, without a doubt, is a nutritional powerhouse in most balanced diets.

Market Data Forecast mentions that the commercial category of global fresh fruits and vegetables is expected to increase at a CACR of 6.05% from 2023 to 2028.

Spotlight | What had Auto and Luxury Brands been Doing Recently in the Metaverse?

In this issue, we take a look at the strategies and approaches taken by luxury and auto brands to enhance their brand experiences in the metaverse.

*Beyond the auto companies mentioned below, Labbrand Group recently released the Web3/Metaverse Automotive Data Report (Part 1), covering 59 auto brands’ 145 Web3/Metaverse initiatives related to 128 technologies and platforms. Read till the end of our newsletter to access the report.

Unleashing the Power of Web3 and AI in Automotive Branding

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, the emergence of Web3 technologies has sparked a wave of transformative changes and reactions among industry players. The Labs3 team, operating under the Labbrand group, has released a groundbreaking Web3 Automotive data report.

Productivity, Innovation and Humanity: Framing the Potential of AIGC for Brands

Over the last year, AIGC has gone from fringe experiments to enterprise grade levels of reliability and quality. Not a day goes by without news of major updates to core models such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney, the emergence of new AIGC products, marquee brand AIGC case studies or rumors of AIGC related layoffs.

Capturing Opportunities in China’s Tourism in 2023

As China’s government lifts travel restrictions for its citizens in 2023, a significant shift is underway in the preferences and behaviors of Chinese tourists. This article explores the transformative changes in the tourism and hospitality sectors and provides insights into how global brands and businesses can capitalize on these evolving trends to capture the attention and loyalty of Chinese travelers.

Get Ready for the Booming SHE-conomy

For the past three years, we’ve been wanting to sit down with our female community here in China to chat about the changes in the way women shop and spend their money, while Covid kept us shut out. From increased online shopping to a greater emphasis on brand values, women are driving some major shifts in consumer trends.