We want to use technology to evolve brand thinking, not replace it.

LabTech Ventures is a technology investment arm of the Labbrand Group, to develop and implement the next generation of brand technology solutions.

Our Thesis

MARTECH and ADTECH have enabled brands to be ultra targeted and efficient in their use of digital channels. They have also commoditized the brands and eroded the value, stripping them of the differentiation, relevancy and humanity.

We are Reaching a New Inflexion Point.


Deterministic, algorythmic efficiency


Humanity at scale

How we bring about the next generation of brand technology solutions

Throughout time, markets and technology eras; building great brands has always relied on 3 pillars linked by a common thread.

AI/ Metaverse/ NFT/ VR/ AR/ Naked Eye 3D/ Conversational Interfaces ...

  • Culture based HR management
  • Individualized development
  • Immersive training
  • Collective ideation
  • Brand co-ownership and management
  •  Creative ideation
  • Multi-format original content creation
  • Distributed creativity
  • Digital craftsmanship
  • Diverse beauty at scale
  • Immersive digital experiences at scale
  • Multi-sensorial experiences
  • Offline/ online environments merging
  • Experiential commerce and services at scale
  • Human/ virtual merging
  • Participation and co-development

We combine investment and service to fully achieve the potential of digital brand evolution





We work with leading players to provide integrated solutions to Labbrand Group clients.

We invest in startups with established traction and actively support them on client scaling and product iteration.

We accompany high potential early stage startups in their journey to product market fit and early growth.

We connect invested companies and partners to new project opportunities through the Labbrand Group’s strategic and creative services entities.

Leverage technology to unleash the human genius and power.

We are looking for creators, disruptors, amplifiers, any type of partners to embrace the Fabric Network.