Henkel Employer Branding Strategy Revamp


145 years ago, Fritz Henkel, an entrepreneur, and courageous pioneer at heart revolutionized the everyday life of people. With that, he launched a legacy of care: for his employees, society, and the environment.


Today, Henkel is a diverse team of about 53,000 colleagues worldwide, striving to enrich and improve life every day through its products, services, and solutions. The brand has been actively investing in its employer branding, and has recently embarked on a transformative journey with Labbrand Group holding the shared value of establishing a human enterprise. Labbrand Group is commissioned to refine the overarching employer branding strategy for Henkel.



Strategy and Objective

Henkel was seeking for an over-arching employer branding strategy revamp that could guide the roll-out of the Employer Branding program the APAC region for the next 3 years.


Step 1: Immersion

Insight and implication based on immersion & desktop research in 3 major aspects:


Business Trends
  • Purpose-driven
  • Engined with agility and initiative
  • Fueled with responsive empathy


Employees’ Needs
  • Flexibility & respect on a personal level
  • Strengthened engagement
  • Continuous learning & constant self-improvement


Industry Benchmark
  • Best EB practices analysis within the industry


Based on the takeaways from the immersive research, Labbrand Group kicked off the EB strategy building for Henkel, aiming for stronger employee trust and advocacy among a larger audience.




2: Henkel Employer Branding Strategy Building

Labbrand developed an overarching APAC employer branding roadmap based on a lifestyle oriented strategy. The stratey is catered for Henkel’s 3-year roadmap of both B2B and B2C business sectors. Along with the revamped strategy, Labbrand Group offered comprehensive strategy implementation guidelines that would facilitate the Henkel team to carry out the strategy through

  • Mass Communication
  • Corporate Speech
  • Eb Team Initiative
  • Information Delivery



Step 3: Bring the New Employer Strategy to Life: from Internal and External

Phase 1: Enhance Community

Phase 2: Broaden Influence

Phrase 3: Full Engagement



Step 4: Employer Reputation House Development

Labbrand worked together with Henkel team and established the Employer Reputation House —from brand EVP(employee value proposition) differentiator, EB RTB, EB initiatives to EB guideline, the employer reputation house combined the value, truth, initiatives and guidelines altogether, clearly illustrated how the new employer branding strategy could further support Henkel to further build a stronger employee trust and advocacy among its audience.



Transformation: Consumer Employee Centric

Equipped with the new employer branding strategy and guidelines, Henkel is ready to re-launch its new employer branding program through different brand touchpoints and keep on the journey of transformation. Henkel believes that the employer branding reflects who they are and what they stand for, it is not only a transformation of its culture, but also a transformation of the whole organization — the Consumer Employee Centric Transformation that pushes the company towards a Human Enterprise.